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MyTaq Blood PCR Mix


The MyTaq Blood-PCR Kit offers very fast, highly-specific, direct PCR from a wide range of human and animal whole blood samples, including those preserved with anticoagulants. Available as a convenient mastermix, the MyTaq Blood PCR Kit allows you to bypass expensive, time consuming DNA extraction steps and go straight to PCR from whole blood.

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The novel buffer system replaces the need for complicated extraction or purification steps or use of additives. The advanced formulation of MyTaq Blood-PCR Kit allows fast cycling conditions to be used, without compromising PCR specificity and yield. MyTaq Blood-PCR Kit has been specifically engineered to overcome PCR inhibitors typically present in blood samples, including anticoagulants (EDTA, citrate and heparin), to give significantly increased sensitivity and PCR success rates even with demanding applications such as GC-rich templates or long amplicons. MyTaq Blood-PCR Kit significantly improves amplification success rates from human and animal whole blood samples. The speed and high specificity of MyTaq Blood-PCR Kit also makes it highly suited for multiplex PCR and high-throughput genotyping assays.

Available options:

Cat No. Size Price (KES)
BIO-25053 100 rxn 12,600.00
BIO-25054 250 rxn 27,200.00