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dATP / dGTP / dCTP / dTTP


Each dNTP is enzymatically synthesized from premium quality raw materials in a process that eliminates impurities and PCR-specific inhibitors, such as modified nucleotides, tetraphosphates and pyrophosphates commonly observed in other commercially available dNTP products.

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Bioline dNTPs are purified and checked using quantitative HPLC to ensure it possess >99% purity. dNTPs are supplied as lithium salts in purified water at pH 7.5. Lithium salts have greater resistance to repeated freezing and thawing cycles than sodium salts and lithium salts are bacteriostatic, extending the usable life of this product.

Available options:

Cat No. Size Price (KES)
BIO-39036 100 mM 4,000.00