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DNA Extraction Kits


Bioline offers a range of kits for the isolation and purification of genomic and plasmid DNA from a wide variety of samples, including tissue, cells, blood, serum and plants, as well as purification of PCR products and from agarose gels. 

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The ISOLATE II kits are designed to be rapid and easy-to-use, to give reproducibly high yield and purity. Each kit is supplied with a comprehensive product manual containing detailed protocols and additional helpful information, as well as a splash-proof bench-top protocol for quick reference.

  • Rapid extraction, with easy-to-use protocols
  • Ultra-sensitive – perfect for low copy number samples
  • High-yield, ideal where samples are limited
  • High-purity DNA, ready for down-stream applications

Available options:

Cat. No Sample Type Size Price (KES)
BIO-52056 Plasmid DNA 50 preps 9,900.00
BIO-52059 PCR & Gel 50 preps 11,000.00
BIO-52063 Blood DNA 50 preps 17,200.00
BIO-52066 Genomic DNA 50 preps 16,800.00
BIO-52069 Plant DNA 50 preps 17,500.00