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BrightDye terminator kit


The BrightDye Terminator Cycle Sequencing Kits are compatible with v3.1 sequencing analysis from Life Technologies and function in the exact same way, offering you a much more cost effective alternative.

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Ideal for de novo sequencing, resequencing, and finishing with PCR product, Plasmid, Fosmid, and BAC templates, the Bright Dye terminator kits offer identical robustness and dilution capabiities without any need to change your protocols or machine settings. All Bright Dye kits are compatible with the 310, 3130, 3130XL, 3500, 3500XL, 3730 & 3730XL Genetic Analyzers from Life Technologies.

Available options:

Cat. No Description Price (KES)
BDT3-100 BrightDye terminator sequencing kit, 100 rxn 126,000.00
BDT3-1000 BrightDye terminator sequencing kit, 1000 rxn 1,073,100.00
BDT3-5000 BrightDye terminator sequencing kit, 5000 rxn 4,914,400.00