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NanoPOP polymers


NanoPOP polymers are separation matrix formulated from nanoparticles based on "Block Copolymer Technology" chemistry from Nimagen. The new matrix has better coating and separating ability. They are designed for Genetic Analyzers from Life Technologies for various applications. Customers can use their current run modules and protocols without any change. New spectral calibration is NOT needed.

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With at least the same performance, but highly improved (on instrument) stability and shelf life, the NanoPOP polymers offer an alternative for a much better price! Designed to work in the exact same way as the conventional POP polymers from Life Technologies, NanoPOP polymers allow quick and easy load-and-go application.

We now also offer the NanoPOP-7 Polymer and 1x NanoPOP Running Buffer for the 3500 series Genetic Analyzers. The polymer is offered in pouches, which are directly attachable to the instrument. The NanoPOP-7 gives you the advantage of increased "on-instrument" lifespan of 14 days! Included are self-adhesive RFID tags (4x CBC and 4x ABC) with a programmed "on-instrument" maximum lifespan of 14 days.

Available options:

Cat. No Description Size Price (KES)
NP7-101 NanoPOP 7 (for 3130 series) 10 mL 30,200.00
NP7-300 NanoPOP-7 (for 3730 series) 28 mL 57,100.00
NP7-135 NanoPOP-7 (for 3500 series) Pouch (384 samples) 25,000.00